Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is KOAT covering up for Esquivel or for Maes?

KOAT TV knows that more than 300 APS whistle-blowers are being denied due process of their complaints.

I know they know because
their reporter Lacey Crisp
shot some videotape of me
pointing to the scandal.

The story was never reported.

I doubt that was Lacey Crisp's decision.

Above her, the news director, the station manager and
who knows who else.

One of them decided that the scandal will not be an issue in the upcoming school board election. Nor will the cover up in the APS Police Department, nor their abdication as role models of the student standards of conduct.

School Board Member Paula Maes, a named respondent in a federal lawsuit alleging her abuse of power, also runs the New Mexico Broadcasters Association.

A circumstantial connection yes, but the seed of an appearance of a conflict of interest; respect for their obligation to voter viewers v. protecting  cronies from the consequences of their corruption and their incompetence.

Maes is not standing for election.
She does however, still benefit
from the cover up of the ethics and
accountability scandal in the
leadership of the APS.

She will not have to defend her
stated position; "I will never agree
to any audit that individually
identifies ..." corrupt or
incompetent administrators or
board members.

Marty Esquivel
benefits as well,
and for the same reason.

I believe they know as well that Esquivel has expressed his intention to use his Praetorian Guard to arrest me if I attempt to attend the school board meeting hosting the Candidate Forum.

They won't report on that either.

photos Mark Bralley

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