Tuesday, December 01, 2015

APS settles for $750,000 and "nobody done nuthin" I'll bet

First and and foremost; the size of the settlement reported in the Journal this morning, link, isn't about what the teacher did, it is about what the leadership of the APS didn't.  And by "leadership" I mean the administration and the school board who sets the tone for the administration of school board policies.

The settlement is huge because the knee jerk leadership response in a case like this:

  1. is to cover up the problem 
  2. and then export it. (not to protect students at the school, but to protect the school's public image.)
Nowhere in the process, will a stink be made.  Stake and interest holders will not be allowed to find out what was going on at their child's school, and what was (not) being done about it.

The offender, rather than be outed in a stink, is given another chance at another school. If the problem resurfaces, it is covered up again by containing and exporting it.  The "union" is routinely blamed for the outcomes like these, but has never supported it and never will. imo

Most importantly, I'd be willing to bet that somewhere in the settlement, there is an admission of "no guilt" on the part of the administrators and board who knowingly permit and or negligently allow this to go on.

The $750,000 the Journal reported represents only money settled on the plaintiffs. 

The Journal didn't ask or chose to not report on the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on APS family lawyers and now missing from the operational fund.  Nor did the Journal report on the plaintiffs' attorneys' fees which must be nearly as much.

By the time the dust settles, $1,250,000 will have been spent.  It was spent in meetings in secret without any real oversight and from an unlimited budget.

If the Journal were into truth telling, they would investigate and report upon the number of operational dollars* the leadership of the APS spends on lawyers, litigation and legal weaselry every year.

*Operational dollars are among the dollars that the people entrust to the board in order to educate their children, and that could, should, and would be spent in classrooms, if they were not being spent instead in order to obtain "admissions of no guilt" by administrators and school boards who are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Twenty teacher salaries are gone from the operational fund.

... and nobody done nuthin.

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