Friday, December 18, 2015

Why won't the Journal report on Esquivel's other suits?

The Journal knows full well that my complaint against their editor in chief's good friend Marty Esquivel, is not the only one that has been filed against him in the federal district court and may also be nearing settlement.

The Journal is supposed to publish information like that;
taxpayers have chips in the pot. They will not.
This though they claim to be a newspaper of record.

My complaint was not the only one over

  • the same issues, with
  • the same defendants
  • spending the same unjustifiable amounts of money,
  • on enough APS lawyers, litigation and legal weaselry,
  • after meetings in secret, of which no recording is ever made,
  • spending from an unlimited budget and
  • without any real oversight
  • using tax dollars to pay for enough litigation and legal weaselry
  • to hide public records of a cover up of a cover up felony criminal misconduct and
  •  to buy them all "admissions of no guilt" in settlements so large
  • they would shake public confidence in them
  • if only the establishment's media was about the truth and informing the democracy.

It falls upon stake and interest holders to connect the dots and demand change. 

Start by demanding the truth from the Journal, KRQE, KOAT and KOB TV;
the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the ethically redacted truth
about the ethics,standards and accountability crisis
in the leadership of the APS;

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