Saturday, December 19, 2015

APS punishes whistle blowers

A story in the Journal this morning, link, supplied the Journal's quote of the day;

“Albuquerque Public Schools has shown by their actions 
that they will punish you if you are a whistleblower.”
I took the opportunity to post a comment.
I urge you to do the same.
Demand an investigation and report on the fate of APS whistle blowers; mostly good and decent people with the temerity to stand up for what's right.

I wrote;
“Albuquerque Public Schools has shown by their actions that they will punish you if you are a whistleblower.” Journal quote of the day

Is this allegation true?

If it is, wouldn't it be worthy of investigation by the Journal?

If it isn't true, wouldn't be worthy of a report in the Journal, just to inform and reassure the democracy in anticipation of a bond issue election worth a quarter of a billion dollars?

The allegation is true. It isn't news, because the Journal is up to its eye balls in a cover up of the truth about what APS does to whistle blowers. The felony criminal misconduct I keep referring to, was APS senior administrators doing NCIC background checks on WHISTLE BLOWERS!
Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz,
as manifest in his record, would
rather cover the asses of his friends
in the leadership of the APS than

photo Mark Bralley

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