Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Tour of the Twins" put on hold.

A proposed Tour of the Twins is on hold.

What went on in here?  Was the board a good steward over the hundreds
of millions of dollars voters entrusted to the stewardship of the leadership
of the APS in the last bond issue?  Or did they squander your money on
$1k chairs and hardwood paneling?  Frankly you'll never know. You are
not allowed to see for yourself and the local "K"abal, KRQE, KOAT, and
KOB TV are more interested in passing the bond issue than "upsetting voters".

In truth, "on hold" is a bit of an overstatement.
The tour has run into a stonewall; they are yet to admit that the tour has even been proposed.

The tour was first proposed with the idea of a tour of the twins in anticipation of an upcoming school bond issue election.  For reasons that would probably make more sense to a public relations manipulation expert than they do to me, APS' award winning website is calling it a School Improvement Election, link.

If by "school improvement" you mean spending a million dollars every few years remodeling administrative offices on the top floor, then yeah, the bond issue is about improving schools.

The highly paid Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta is disinclined to lead the press and the people on a tour of offices, that I wouldn't be surprised to find; include her own.

This though, if the tour would actually lead people to believe that they could trust the leadership of the APS to spend their hard earned dollars frugally, a tour would be the most effective thing they could do, to insure passage of the quarter Billion dollar bond issue.

KRQE claims they "investigate".  News Director Iain Munro won't.  Having done his part in covering up the fact that the APS school board allowed KRQE lawyer and school board member Marty Esquivel to squander a million dollars on non-viable "legal" defenses of his ego without raising any flags; Munro will now help them cover up the $850K fortification and remodel of senior administrative offices on the top floor.

KOAT and Target 7 having done their part in covering up the Marty Esquivel scandal (they have yet to even report it!), has no interest in touring the towers with their cameras either.

Owner and general manager Mary Lynn Roper, I believe, is covering NM Broadcasters Association President and CEO Paula Maes' ass.

Maes was a heavy hitter on the board when the cover up of the felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the police force began.  Maes wants very much for people never to know that she once said, she would never agree to any audit that individually named incompetent or corrupt senior administrators.

KOB TV also claims to "investigate" and won't.  Having done their part in covering up the Marty Esquivel scandal, they intend to cover up reckless spending in the towers.

kob image
Blameworthy; KOB news director Michelle Donaldson.  She is apparently quite happy with letting poor Stuart Dyson take the blame for the fact that his report on the Marty Esquivel scandal never saw the light of day, link; but there is no point in letting her.

If she would like to pass the blame, or someone else accept it the blame for KOB's relentless refusal to inform the democracy with regard to APS' ethics, standards and accountability crisis, I would be happy to post that person's photo instead.

Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz' and the Journal aren't part of the Kabal, because the Journal doesn't start with a "k".  Walz and his Journal are certainly part of, perhaps pivotal in, a real cabal (a secret political clique or faction) of "journalists" willing to manipulate public opinion in order to fix an election - kind of the diametric opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.

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