Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Iain Munro will take the heat for KRQE

Someone at KRQE is responsible for journalistic malpractice in the slanted coverage KRQE offered over the settlement of the largest suit of its kind in the history of the United States.

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The finger has been pointed at KRQE's news director Iain Munro.

I asked him in email, if he would accept the responsibility.
He is yet to respond.

I asked him why KRQE did not disclose their conflict of interests - Marty Esquivel is the station's lawyer.

I asked him if there was a personal relationship between he and Esquivel that was clouding his judgement, and which also required disclosure.

I asked him if he was on the board of the NM FOG when Marty Esquivel and Kent Walz bamboozled the FOG into giving the now disgraced former APS Supt. Winston Brooks a hero of transparency award.

I asked him if he voted in favor of Brook's recognition (at a time when Brooks dba APS, was fighting the release of public records to KRQE, over the cover up felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS police force.

He is yet to respond.

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