Tuesday, December 22, 2015

APS' $865,000 settlement - who got what?

I signed settlement papers yesterday in my lawyers' offices.  Taxpayers are out $865,000.  (APS' insurer is out $513K but they will get in back in premiums over the next several years; because that's how insurance companies roll.

Taxpayers won one thing worth every penny of the $865K, though it should not have cost them a cent.

  1. If anyone of them finally gets pissed off enough speak out about what's going on, they can now stand up in public forum at an APS school board meeting, speak truth to power - individually and by name, without getting arrested and banned from public forum entirely.
The real winners were a politician and handful of public servants who traded tax dollars for admissions of no guilt.

Even former school board enforcer Marty Esquivel.  He who is manifestly the most responsible for the squandering of the public trust, admitted no guilt.

The famous First Amendment expert's record and reputation will not reflect the truth; there is incontrovertible evidence that he violated my civil rights.  His record and reputation will not suffer from the truth; a federal court judge found him found him guilty of violating my civil rights.

He who is entirely responsible for the size of the settlement (not me, not my lawyers, not even his own lawyers (who were just following their client's orders) is not out one thin a dime.

If there is a shred of controverting evidence, it lies in public records of meetings wherein the board knowingly permitted him to squander hundreds of thousands of dollars on a non-viable defense of his ego.  That or, there are no such records and the board negligently allowed him to squander the public trust and treasure in their name.

Armenta, gathering "evidence" against me.
Wasn't able to. Nor were any of the staffers
she assigned to photograph me doing something
wrong.  Not one photo, ever. 
In exchange for the $865K, APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta admits no guilt despite incontrovertible evidence of her libel, and compelling evidence of her personal participation in the violation of a number of my Constitutionally protected human rights.

Tellez whispers in boss Brad Winter's ear.
In exchange for the $865K, now disgraced former APS Police Chief Steve Tellez didn't admit his part in defaming me to the point he was able to convince the board they needed to install a quarter of million dollars worth of Kevlar between them and me.

Tellez admitted no guilt with respect to his part in felony public corruption in the leadership of the APS police "dept."; a publicly funded private police force.  Nor did he have to admit guilt for his part in the ongoing cover up of the felony criminal misconduct; including the hiding of public records detailing his involvement in both the scandal and cover up.

Secretary of State Brad Winter remains unscathed by the record setting settlement.  His part in the cover up of state and federal felony criminal misconduct remains secret.

As the direct result of Winter's incompetence and corruption, spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd remains secret from stake and interest holders; millions of dollars wasted, stolen or lost.

His ongoing efforts to hide the truth about spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd. will go unpunished.  Winter's incompetence and or corruption and will not be covered by the Journal (Editor in Chief Kent Walz, chief among them) or any other of APS' media cronies.

The twins; a taxpayer money pit and Winter's big secret.
In exchange for the $865K, Winter's admits no guilt even  for his perjury in a sworn statement contradicted by an audio recording.

In exchange for the $865K, disgraced former APS Supt. Winston Brooks admits no guilt for his direct involvement in the repeated violations of my civil rights.

left; Brooks is caught here by photojournalist Mark Bralley in the midst of ordering his Praetorian Guard to remove protesters for standing quietly, unobtrusively, holding up posters in the back of a meeting held for the purpose of gathering public input.

Tellez giving us the "APS thumb" - You're outta here!

photos Mark Bralley

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