Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Journal will let their reporter take the heat

The Journal has been offering manifestly biased coverage of the settlement of our litigation with APS.  Their coverage over the many years has been equally biased and incomplete.  The Journal is complicit in covering up an ethics standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS;

  • the abdication of APS senior-most executive and administrative role models of student standards of conduct, and
  • their cover up of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS' publicly funded private police force, and
  • their cover up of the cover of - and the aid and abet they got from Kent Walz and the Journal, and
  • their relentless denial of due process for whistleblowers and their complaints, and
  • their outright refusal to surrender a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending under APS COO Brad Winter, on fortifications and renovations at 6400 Uptown Blvd. and
  • their relentless refusal to allow an independent administrative audit to expose corruption, incompetence and the practices that enable them, in the leadership of the APS
  • their spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement after settlement, in order to insure that there are no admissions of guilt for even those of them who are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
Marty Esquivel violated my civil rights on videotape,
spent nearly a million dollars on a cost is no object legal defense of his ego, and in the end, admitted no guilt.

The money was spent in meetings in secret, of which no recordings are made, and under no real oversight.

Esquivel cannot show you by means of any incontrovertible evidence, that the board ever agree to allow him to spend so recklessly.

I have made an earnest effort to get someone who casts a bigger shadow around the Journal than their reporter Kim Burgess, to take personal responsibility for the Journal's unethical coverage off Burgess' shoulders and wear it on their own.

So far, no takers.

Kent Walz would have readers believe that Kim Burgess is responsible for the fact that her story did not include the revelation that the APS school board negligently allowed or knowingly permitted Marty Esquivel to squander nearly a million dollars in defense of his ego.

less than two months before an election in which the ability of the school board to provide effective stewardship a quarter of a billion dollars, is a central issue.

In fairness, the Journal did print our side in an op-ed written by my lawyers, link.

photo Kent Walz

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