Friday, December 18, 2015

Not to sound whiney but, Honestly, I find it more than a little upsetting ...

... that there will never be an issue of the Journal for me to fold up and save until my grandchildren are old enough to read about how their "poppop" stood up for what he believed in.

And how, somehow, against enormous odds, he managed a win.

Instead, they will read if they ever the pick up the Journal, link, that I was some kind of maniac who got away with disrupting public meetings, threatening and endangering people, and then ran off with a bunch of money that should have been spent on children.

Never pick a fight with people
(who know people)
who buy their ink by the barrel.
Mark Twain 

photos Mark Bralley

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ched macquigg said...

A reader in Edgewood suggests - Character counts, Ched. Unless you take the money from your fat settlement and donate ALL of it to kids - and prove that you did, you are as morally corrupt as those you attack. Show us what you are really made of!

I would be willing to bet that this person has not looked at any of the evidence, read even one word of the rulings, or most importantly, can even begin to imagine, much less comprehend, what the leadership of the APS has put me through in their efforts to silence my efforts to get them to step up as role models of student standards of conduct; the standards they establish and enforce upon students.

S/he cannot begin to imagine, much less comprehend, what I have been put through in their effort to hide their lack of accountability even to the law - the lowest standards of conduct acceptable to civilized human beings.

Though the writer seems to be arguing that in deed, character does count, (in other people's lives) s/he shows little indication that character amounts to a hill of beans in their own.

The 67K (after taxes) that APS is paying me as compensation for the retaliation they put me through, amounts to a small fraction of minimum wage. Marty Esquivel is responsible for taxpayers investing $863,000 in a non-viable defense of his ego. Is this reader writing to Esquivel as well? I doubt it.

I proved everything I had to prove to a federal court judge. I don't need prove a thing to internet trolls. In especially, I don't need to prove anything to someone who cannot summon even enough character and courage to attach their name to their beliefs.

Have a nice life in Edgewood, whoever you are.