Thursday, December 17, 2015

Marty Esquivel really is a liar

Within the Journal coverage, link, of the settlement of our complaint, comes a bald-faced lie from Defendant Marty Esquivel;

"The ban would have ended if MacQuigg had sat down to discuss his conduct, Esquivel said, but MacQuigg canceled a scheduled meeting.
No meeting was ever scheduled, therefore no meeting was ever cancelled, and certainly not by me.  A time was proposed for a meeting, in conflict with another appointment.  A second meeting was never offered.  During sworn testimony, former and now disgraced APS Police Chief Tellez admitted that the failure to schedule a meeting was his responsibility.

The bigger lie in his statement is that the ban would have ended had I sat down to "discuss" my conduct.  The terms of the banning letter state quite clearly, that
  1. the illegal ban would continue until I admitted that what I was doing at public forum was wrong, and
  2. promised to stop doing it.
Esquivel insisted that I had to admit wrongdoing though there was none, and promise not to engage in wholly legal and ethical activities during public forum.  Ergo, the ban was for life.

If you would like to see the evidence that Esquivel tried to convince the judge was evidence of my disruptive behavior, you can view them here, link.  Included in that set, but especially noteworthy is the Nov. 4, 2009 public forum, link.

Marty Esquivel really is a liar, and he really did squander $863,000 in an effort avoid the consequences of violating my Constitutionally protected human right to petition my government.

Esquivel and APS' friends in the media are happy to keep the attention on the messenger and off the message; an ethics, standards and accountability crises in the leadership.  Nearly a million dollars were squandered in defense of Marty Esquivel's ego because spending decisions like these are made in meetings in secret and without real oversight.

They are enabled by the Journal's steadfast refusal to investigate and report upon the ethics, standards and accountability scandal in leadership of the APS.

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