Friday, December 18, 2015

Luxury digs for APS top brass; $850,000 remodel?! seriously?

The Journal reported yesterday, link;

"... report said investigators also were told by “several different individuals” that “Mr. Moya had spent over $850,000.00 on a remodel and furniture for his own suite of offices.”

The report said Moya’s furniture “seemed to be nicer than even that of the superintendent’s office.”

(APS Director of Communications Rigo) Chavez said he couldn’t locate documents on cost, but he said any remodeling involved more than just Moya’s offices, possibly including those of the superintendent. (emphasis added) 
Though the Journal has the entire report, they can't see the need apparently to inform the democracy by means of a simple link.
  • $850K spent on re-remodeling the top floor
  • can't locate the records
Stake and interest holders, voters, taxpayers will never see for themselves, what the tax dollars they invested in their children's education have been spent on instead.

You will never see the fancy nests they've feathered because APS' Praetorian Guard; their publicly funded private police force, are "just following orders" to keep you out.

APS COO Brad Winter was asked to tell the truth about spending here.
He never did; they never will.

When the leadership of the APS talked taxpayers into buying the "twins", they sold them on the idea by promising to rent out one of them out and make money for taxpayers.

They didn't.  Instead, they went on a spending spree on fortification and renovation.  Spending untold millions of dollars like water, and during a time when auditors were pointing to the trifecta of public corruption, embezzlement and theft
  1. inadequate standards and
  2. inadequate accountability and
  3. inadequate record keeping

In what has to be one the greatest of ironies, the hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent on state of the art video equipment was their undoing in federal court.

Every bit of their videotape corroborated my testimony
and directly contradicted Defendant Marty Esquivel's
baseless allegations.

Nothing has changed.  Nearly a million dollars has been spent again on fancy offices for APS bigwigs, and oops!; there aren't any records.

Before they ask voter for another quarter of billion dollars to spend on schools (and $1,000 chairs for superintendents and school board members) stake and interest holders, and especially tax payers should DEMAND;
a taxpayer tour of the top floor of their humble abode.
Make them show you what kind of stewards they are and will be, of your trust and treasure.

photos Mark Bralley

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