Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"K"overing for Katz' boss

Voters and other stake and interest holders in (city) government, depend on local "news" for information they can use in their effort to maintain control over their government, and the wielding of power and spending of resources belonging fundamentally to them.

Within the local media there is a cabal; a small group working together in secret; heavy hitters in politics, education, industry and media.  I refer to them occasionally, as a Kabal in reference to their call signs; KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV.  The Journal is part of the Kabal, spelling notwithstanding.

The interests of the Kabal include covering each others asses in general.  Not in so much as they approve individual's misconduct, but in so far as they endorse and enable practices that will allow them to escape the consequences should the need arise one day, of their own incompetence and or corruption.

Right now, the Kabal would stake and interest holders, not know who was Katz' immediate supervisor.   Again, not so much that they want to protect that person personally (although that possibility can never be ruled out) but in general.  They would like people to not think in terms of holding powerful people accountable over the misconduct of their subordinates.

At this point, the Kabal's leadership in the media includes but is not limited to;

  • Kent Walz, the Editor in Chief for the Journal.
  • Iain Munro, KRQE new director,
  • Mary Lynn Roper, owner and general manager of KOAT, and
  • Michelle Donaldson, KOB TV news director.
I am naming these folks, not because I can prove they're covering for Katz' boss in this specific case, even though they are yet to identify the culprit, but because I know they are covering for Marty Esquivel's bosses (the APS School Board) and their knowing permission or negligent allowance of Esquivel's squandering of a million dollars in at least two non-viable defenses of his ego, in federal court.

All in all, they're one and the same.

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