Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winter; if it's "legal" its permissible

Brad Winter
"if it's legal" it's OK"
There are some questions about whether the newly appointed Secretary of State Brad Winter can collect so many government paychecks at once.

The questions were settled in a Winter habilitation piece, courtesy of  the Journal this morning, link,

May I remind Brad Winter, the "law" is the lowest standard of conduct acceptable among civilized human beings.  There are other higher standards of conduct including; ethical.

If Winter had more respect for ethical standards, there would be no need to fall back on "legal" standards as often as he must.

Winter felt the same way about "higher standards" of conduct when he was an APS senior administrator, utterly unaccountable to any standards of conduct at all, not even the law.  Winter admitted "no guilt" despite demonstrable perjury in sworn deposition and statements in the Marty Esquivel scandal in federal court.

photo Mark Bralley

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