Friday, December 18, 2015

Ask yourself, Larry suggested, what you did right.

The Journal ran some coverage of my settlement which, as was intended, has cast me in the light of someone who did something wrong and then somehow managed to screw "children" out of 863,000 dollars.

People who know nothing really about the facts or about me, are making judgements about me based on the version of the story the Journal is still selling.  The version that includes;

  • a recitation of all of the false allegations Marty Esquivel wants people to still believe,  and then 
  • an abject absence of any mention that a federal court judge found the allegations baseless; that a federal court judge ruled that Marty Esquivel violated my civil rights.

Because that point is never made clear by the establishment's media, people get stirred up.

When I argued that I had done nothing wrong, one of the detractors they stirred up was Larry.  He offered
Ask yourself what you did right.
And I responded;
OK, I did.

I went to federal court, enduring obstacles you cannot begin to fathom, to secure an order from a federal court judge, to protect your Constitutionally protected human right to go to a school board meeting, sign up for public forum, and criticize their public service individually and by name, without being arrested and banned from public forums for life; should you decide to get off your ass and go to a public forum and confront the people who are really wasting your money; who are betraying your trust.

I did not sue for $863K. I sued to protect my (and your) right to petition my government. The APS school board chose to, or negligently allowed the investment of $863K in defense of a school board member's ego.

A simple thank you would be nice.

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