Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stu Dyson takes the fall for KOB

KOB has offered biased and incomplete coverage of the settlement of my suit against Marty Esquivel and the board.  I recently filmed a lengthy interview with KOB's Stuart Dyson.  In the interview I laid out a lot of information that would be of interest to voters six weeks from now, when they decide whether the board will get another quarter of a billion tax dollars to spend.

Stuart Dyson  kob image
Stu Dyson is the "highest ranking" person at KOB, who I know, knows the truth about the squandering of the taxpayer's trust and nearly a million dollars of their hard earned treasure, on a non-viable defense of Marty Esquivel's ego.

I've asked Stu to identify whomever is covering for APS and Esquivel.  He hasn't responded to voicemail or email.

I don't hold Stu personally responsible, anymore than I hold any of the other reporters who've learned the truth and then aren't allowed to tell it.

Someone's fist pounded the table last when KOB decided to slant their coverage.  I doubt it was Dyson's.

That, that person will not step up, is not in the least surprising.

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