Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gordy Rowe announces his replacement; to serve for the next four years.

APS is going to take a giant step into the past tomorrow
morning. At at early morning meeting tomorrow, the board
will begin the process of filling Gordy Rowe's school board
seat with another APS good ol' boy Jon Barela.
Barela currently co-chairs the powerful APS Foundation.

Recently a Town Hall Report was prepared by a group
called New Mexico First. The report revealed the manner
in which the APS good ol' boys used to fix school board
membership. link page 12

From 1913-1962, elections were held every two years but a non-incumbent was rarely elected to the board.
(If an incumbent board member decided not to stand for re-election, he or she would resign early. The board itself, including the departing member, would select the replacement, who would then run as an incumbent in the upcoming election.)
Rowe announced at the school board meeting last night
link sub req. that his replacement will serve for the next
four years - unclear how the election scheduled for February
will be circumvented.

The board's biggest problem right now, is to install their
good ol' boy replacement, while making stakeholders feel
like they actually had a hand in the replacement;
similar to the sham process they used to install Winston Brooks;
a process which you recall did not involve candidates having
to answer a single honest question; even in town hall meetings
whose announced purpose was the opportunity to "grill" the

I would like to go on record right now with a prediction;
Jon Barela will find himself on the school board without
ever having to answer questions on the record, about;
  1. administrative role modeling of the student standard of conduct;
  2. administrative standards of conduct and competence;
  3. administrative accountability to those standards, or about
  4. an immediate full scale forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS.

It fascinates me that they can do this in plain sight
and still no one will stand up to oppose them.

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