Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Standards without accountability

Quoted in significant part,the code of conduct for APS administrators used to read;

In no case shall the standard for an adult be lower than the standard for students.
Students, and therefore administrators, were accountable to a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethics.

Quoted in significant part, their new code of conduct reads;
(Administrators in the) Albuquerque Public Schools shall serve as positive role models for students and set good examples in conduct. APS expects each (administrator) to maintain the highest standards of conduct and act in a mature and responsible manner at all times. Employees must not engage in activities … which, in any way, diminish the integrity, efficiency or discipline of the District.

Beth Everitt is has renounced honest accountability to the student standard of conduct. She has abdicated her responsibility as the senior administrative role model for students.

By any ethical interpretation of the meaning of the words in the employee code of conduct; Beth Everitt has violated that code.

By whom will she be held accountable?

A principled resolution of the complaint; an impartial and expert consideration of the whole truth, cannot be had within the APS.

A principled resolution of the complaint cannot be had at the New Mexico Educator Ethics Bureau.

It cannot be had at the New Mexico Public Education Department.

It cannot be had at the Office of the Bernalillo County District Attorney.

It cannot be had in a court room in the 2nd Judicial District Court; over the opposition of APS/Modral.

It cannot be had in the Journal or the Trib.

It cannot be had.

No member of the leadership of the APS is honestly accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct by a system that they do not control; or against their will.

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