Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teresa Cordova; breakin the law, breakin the law

When gradegate was still breaking, Teresa Cordova was asked by reporters to explain her conduct as a public servant in the changing of her son's failing English grade; as seen on KRQE. See Cordova Q&A.

She explained that she could not respond to reporters questions without breakin the law.

Now she has shown up in a TV interview, with her son in tow, to excuse her conduct and to plug her many accomplishments as a county commissioner.

Apparently the law has changed.


Anonymous said...

Liar Liar
Pants on Fire!!!!
Can she just not get enough attention for herself and her wonderful son!

Anonymous said...

She is just trying to curry favor to take over Beth's job. After all, she is the expert in education.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now she is blaming the school for not conducting a SAT team meeting because he missed so much school!
The interventions they would have provided at the SAT meeting would consist of "Get your son to school!" She needs to take responsiblity for her lack of action. By the way, did you like the way she was using the air time to gain support for the next election! Yea, I make a point to vote, BUT AGAINST HER.