Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a higher standard of conduct

Because of human nature; we cannot rely upon individuals to draw their own line between right and wrong; between good and evil.

We had to establish a standard of acceptable conduct;
we wrote the law.

The law represents the line between the most despicable and contemptible behavior that we will tolerate; and criminal consequences.

Many believe that the law is an inadequate standard of conduct.

Many believe that there needs to be a higher standard of acceptable conduct.

It is manifest in the standard that we represent to our children.

There is not a wit of difference between the lowest and highest standards of conduct, if they are unenforceable.

It's just that the one looks so much better than the other.

The leadership of the APS cannot be held honestly accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct.

They just adopted a standard of conduct that is comparatively meaningless, and absolutely unenforceable;

as the standard of conduct to which they will not be held accountable; except under a system over which they have absolute control; and never against their will.

...and everybody is just sitting there.

...doing nothing.

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