Friday, July 20, 2007

According to rule number six in the board's newly adopted code of ethics

Paula Maes and her board are required to;
accept responsibility and accountability
for one's own actions and behaviors.

An honest and impartial audit of the administration
and the administrators in the leadership of the APS will reveal that Ms. Maes' actions and behaviors led to widespread corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

She is refusing to allow an audit of the administrators as part of the audit of the administration of the public trust and treasure in the APS.

She is covering up for her friend Beth Everitt. She is covering up for a lot of friends of Beth Everitt's, and their friends too.

She is a hypocrit. The adoption of a comparitively meaningless and utterly unenforceable code of ethics is her deliberate choice.

Abdication as the senior role model in the APS is her deliberate and considered choice.

Her choice is to ignore the rules; or resign.

She has chosen to ignore the rules.

The choice of the Journal and the Trib is to cover up the fact that she and her board have passed a meaningless standard of conduct for themselves and have been in violation of the standard ever since.

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