Friday, July 06, 2007

Everitt lobbies APS edu email account holders

According to the Burque Babble;
Unpeeling the Beth Everitt Onion, One Excuse At a Time;
"This afternoon all APS email users received the following from Beth Everitt...(her response to the Gil Lovato lawsuit; also published on the APS website)."

While it is entirely appropriate for Everitt to respond to Gil Lovato's lawsuit on the APS website; I'm not sure it was appropriate for her to lobby thousands of potential jurors,with her subjective and one sided response, via the district's email service.

When I asked APS' custodian of public records for the information to contact all APS email accounts, to inform them that the leadership of the APS had excepted itself from accountability to the student standard of conduct; I was told that Beth Everitt had no way of emailing everybody.

It's all about truth and communication.
If you control the communication;
you control the "truth".

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is how selective they are. During the 06 legislative session in Santa Fe the union contacted everyone to send emails to various lawmakers about one bill or another. Then Rigo sent out an officious email about how APS employees should not be emailing the legislature on company time, blah blah. This year during the legislative session there was an attempt to break up the district. Well Beth sent a couple of emails to the troops asking them to contact so and so about not breaking up APS. Imagine our surprise when not one word was mentioned about when we could or could not send an email. In fact the feeling of urgency was conveyed in her missive. Do they really think we don't get it?