Thursday, July 12, 2007

Miquel Acosta's character is illuminated

The Journal reports (subscription required) that Miguel Acosta, heretofore silent on his son's grade change; was not so silent while the scandal was boiling; and in the effort to cover it up.

"Meanwhile, Acosta in two of his e-mails to Everitt asked for direction on what to tell the media.
"Let me know what I can do," he wrote in a May 16 e-mail. "I have an interview, or two, pending and I would like to say things that are helpful strategically.""
The "stratagy" being, to deliberately deceive stakeholders.
"The Albuquerque Journal had issued a request June 21 for any e-mail correspondence between Acosta and several APS administrators during the month of May.

Acosta, reached at his new residence in Santa Fe, said while he had offered help, he ended up not doing the interviews, which were for two local television stations.
"Those are the same kinds of e-mails I always send, whenever they help with any situation," Acosta said. "These are typical e-mails from me.""
My guess it that they are. Acosta was one of the board members who voted to except themselves from accountability to the student standard of conduct.

He voted to remove a statement in the employee standards of conduct which read;

In no case shall the standard for adults be lower than the standard for students.

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