Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Journal & Tribune Poll their readers

The Journal poll and the poll in the Trib revealed that the community is not happy with the performance of APS Superintendent Elizabeth Everitt. In the Journal poll, 65% of the respondents would give the embattled Supt. a D or an F. The Trib poll reveals that the community would oppose the extension of her contract by an 11 to 1 margin.

Yet the powers that be, School Board President Paula Maes, said the board was prepared to extend her contract for at least another year.

Say what you will about the "unscientific-ness" of both polls; but admit that there is a huge disconnect between the privileged class that appoint each other to one leadership position after another; and the great unwashed who see their children attend schools year after year, and graduate with little to show for the effort.

In this morning's Journal, Jim Belshaw lays the blame on the great unwashed who brought this upon themselves by failing to vote in school board elections.

I am particularly irked when I read in the Journal or Trib about the failure of voters to do their part. The record will show that both papers shamefully and shamelessly, under reported the school board elections. here and here Belshaw knows/knew about it because I told him about it personally.

The bottom line is that the priviledged class in Albuquerque will continue to offer each other their unqualified support regardless of the feelings or interests of the great unwashed.

It is class warfare pure and simple.

There is no path through the system that will restore control over the system to the public. We must go around the system. We have to show up at school board meetings even though they are deliberately held at times and in places that are inconvenient for stakeholders and intended to minimize their participation.

When the attention to, and attendance at, school board meetings reaches a high enough number; control over the public interests in the public schools will be restored to the public; and not until then.

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