Monday, July 16, 2007

#6. Accept responsibility and accountability for one's own actions and behaviors

That is rule number 6 in the proposed "code of ethics" for the school board.

But the whole code is by their own admission, completely unenforceable by any agency, body or board.

It is manifest hypocrisy. It is indefensible.

The district routinely hires experts who mediate or arbitrate disputes over the law. The law is merely one example of a number of different standards of conduct. Disputes under all of which can be mediated or arbitrated by impartial experts.

Ethical standards can be enforced by exactly the same mechanism.

The leadership of the APS has no intention of being held accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct, under a system over which they have no control;
and even against their will.

It isn't that such accountability is not possible.

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