Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad news for Gil Lovato and Sam Bregman

Lovato's lawsuit (D-202-CV-200705779) has been assigned to Judge Valerie Mackie Huling.

She's the Modrall judge, who when I was presenting evidence to her that the lawyers from Modrall were deliberately misleading her about pertinent facts in my lawsuit, said;

"It's not my job to decide who is telling the truth."


Anonymous said...

Is she the type that won't let the allegations even come up? Where is your story written?

ched macquigg said...

I haven't written about Judge Huling except tangentially in this and another post;

I suspected at the time that Modrall had influence over Huling.

Couldn't prove anything though.

I suspect that she will do the will of Modrall; which means that it will be difficult to get anything on the record that looks bad for the leadership of the APS; in particular for the wife of the president of the Modrall law firm; school board president Paula Maes.

Anonymous said...

FYI The Trib is taking a poll asking if Beth should stay or go.