Thursday, July 12, 2007

Contempt for the law; on our dime.

According to the Journal, subscription required.
"The Albuquerque Journal had issued a request (for public records) June 21 for any e-mail correspondence between Acosta and several APS administrators during the month of May.

According to the law, readily accessible records should be turned over immediately. APS/Modrall released them yesterday; 20 days later.

The part of this that stinks is the people who are playing games with the law; the leadership of the APS, and their lawyers at Modrall, are doing so on our dime.

We are paying them exorbitant amounts of money to do it; in particular to the lawyers of Modrall (School Board President Paula Maes' law firm) who provide exception to the law, for the leadership of the APS.

It is the lawyers of Modrall who must be defeated by anyone who wants to inspect and/or copy public records.

It is they, feeding at a trough of virtually unlimited taxpayer support of "education", whom you will have to defeat

  • if you want to see an honest accounting of the cost of renovating the Uptown Administrative Complex;
  • if you want to see the truth about the disenfranchisement of stakeholders in the principal shuffle;
  • if you want to see the truth about the relationship between APS and Modrall;
  • if you want to see the truth about gradegate;
  • and, if you want to see the results of the investigation of public corruption and criminal conspiracy (in the leadership of the APS PD, and by logical extension,) in the leadership of the APS.

Bring your lawyers, your money,
and lots and lots of your time.

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