Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A friendly amendment

is offered to the motion to pass the draft code of ethics.

  • Whereas; The board will pass a "code of ethics", and
  • Whereas; The code of ethics will establish a standard of conduct for board members, and
  • Whereas; That standard of conduct is far lower than the standard of conduct that the board established and enforces upon students, and
  • Whereas; The disparate standards cannot be justified or explained to students, and
  • Whereas; The disparate standards are hypocritical, and
  • Whereas; The members of the school board have, by passing this code, abdicated their responsibilities as the senior role models for students;
Be it resolved that;
  • The hypocrisy will be eliminated by changing board policy, and the student standard of conduct.
  • The following language will be stricken from board policy and the Student Behavior Handbook.
Students are required to model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts.

The phrase will be replaced by the following;
Students are encouraged to hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of conduct.
  • Whereas; This whole situation is diametrically opposite to the philosophy of Character Counts, and
  • Whereas; That opposition is hypocritical and sets a poor example for students;

Be it resolved that;
  • The board will formally rescind its 1994 endorsement of Character Counts, and
  • The administration will be ordered to shut down its Character Counts Office, and, reassign or discharge its current Director, and further,
  • The leadership of the APS will no longer affirm or represent that it endorses or supports Character Counts.

Because stakeholders are not allowed to discuss this motion, it will have to be offered by a board member; and then supported by four of the seven members.

Paula Maes and the Modrall law firm will oppose the amendment. As will Robert Lucero.

It will require the support of four of the remaining five board members; Berna Facio, Delores Griego, Mary Lee Martin, Gordon Rowe, and Marty Esquivel.

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