Thursday, July 19, 2007

the problem with hiring a superintendent from within

is that every administrator in the APS has guilty knowledge of the lack of accountability in the leadership of the APS. The all have guilty knowledge of the consequent corruption and incompetence.

Any administrator who will not openly discuss the issue; is prepared to serve as a superintendent who will continue to hide the truth from stakeholders.

Is the education of students, and the ensurance of their well being served by hiring yet another superintendent who job is it is to hide the truth from stakeholders?

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Anonymous said...

The bigger problem is that Tom Savage may consider applying for the position (per the ABQ Journal). Oh my!
Not only is HE part of the problem within the administration - I thought he was mentioned in the media as using the APS PD to his own advantage - or at least trying to.
Oh ya, he's a proven leader. NOT!