Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why kids need role models.

Teresa Cordova and her son Jose Acosta, were on KKOB talk radio this morning.

Jose expressed his concern, repeatedly, that he was the victim because he had done all of the makeup work that his teacher had assigned; but then she wouldn't accept it. (heartless and cruel and unfair)

He was telling the truth; but only half of it.
The work was turned in, but considerably after the deadline.

An ancient proverb teaches; a half truth is a whole lie.

He told half the truth in order to deliberately deceive listeners;to get them on his side and turn them against his unreasonable teacher.

His mom was sitting right there. She could have said; "Jose, tell the whole truth. Accept responsibility for your choices."

She didn't, of course.

...and that's why he doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could have heard that one. The video you had up yesterday made my day. So, did he have anything to say on his sports behavior??? Or was that not his fault either.

ched macquigg said...

I am trying to find a link to a recording.

He did talk about his coach. Basically, the coach is an asshole for ratting him out. He should have stood up for a "member" of the team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for trying to find a link. I couldn't find one. But this is the type of family that are becoming more and more common.If APS won't back up the pricipals who back up the teachers it is really over. Also, because of the atmosphere of retaliation in APS I must remain just

Anonymous said...

Apparently Ms Cordova was taking viewers questions with her son today on channel 13. I really wish they had more time for them!