Friday, July 20, 2007

The Trib reports on the Board Meeting

It was reported that Board Chief Paula Maes said that an administrative audit is still in the works;

but it was not reported that the audit will not audit the conduct or competence of administrators.

The corrupt and incompetent in the leadership of the APS can sleep comfortably knowing Maes and Modrall have their backsides covered.

It was not reported at all; that the board adopted a comparitively meaningless and completely unenforceable code of ethics; in effect abdicating as role models for students.

When asked specifically to report on the code of ethics, the Trib reporter said there were too many other things to report on.

The bottom line; because neither the Journal nor the Trib will write about the adoption of the meaningless standard of conduct by the board; nobody knows that the board has renounced role modeling as a component of their jobs; except a half dozen APS types at the board meeting and the thirty or so people who read this blog (two dozen of which probably work at Modrall).

Never the less, both papers will continue to chide voters, when the time is right, for not being involved in school board elections.

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