Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Did Beth Everitt cut a deal?

At the last meeting of the Board of Education, there was talk of the board using its subpoena power to get Beth Everitt to tell them the whole truth about gradegate. There was talk of an independent investigation of gradegate.

Suddenly, no one is talking anymore about a subpoena, or about an independent investigation.

Did Beth Everitt agree to break in her replacement and then leave gracefully in exchange for an agreement not to investigate her personal conduct and competence?

So far she has been immune from investigation by any state agency. The NM PED, Educator Ethics Bureau closed two investigations of complaints of unethical misconduct by Everitt; without investigation.

The NM PED investigation of gradegate failed to include an interview with Everitt; despite the fact that she was a player. She was not asked a single question on the record or under oath, about gradegate.

It has been suggested that her juice with the NMPED comes from a relationship between her husband and Governor Richardson. The Secretary of the PED is a political appointee; accountable directly to Bill Richardson. The Director of the Educator Ethics Bureau is accountable to the Secretary of the PED.

It is difficult to imagine, and no one has suggested, any other reason for her immunity from investigations of her own competence and conduct.

She intends to exclude herself, and rest of the leadership of the APS, from investigation during the upcoming administrative audit by the Council of Great City Schools. At her insistence, and with the unqualified support of School Board President, Paula Maes; the upcoming administrative audit will not examine the competence and conduct of administrators. (? ??)

The district's statewide reputation for its lack of accountability is earned.

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