Sunday, July 22, 2007

What about the rights of the victims?

There are a few people who get in disputes with the leadership of the APS; and who are "made whole" by means of lawsuits. They get an amount of money that represents a "fair" settlement.

They are few and far between. Most, having been victimized by corrupt or incompetent APS administrators, are victimized again in litigation by APS/Modrall.

They litigate with the intention of winning at any cost. They have a virtually unlimited budget that is underwritten by tax payers. They have spent huge sums of money to enable the leadership of the APS to escape accountability for their ethical and criminal misconduct.

Board President Maes and Board Member Robert Lucero, are in a hurry to end the attention to the corruption in the leadership of the APS (police department), the disenfranchisement of stakeholders in the decision to reassign principals, and gradegate.

Robert Lucero says he wants to look forward; he doesn't want to hear about all of the things Beth Everitt and the rest of the leadership of the APS have done wrong, as he would rather look instead at how Beth Everitt extracts herself from all of her problems in the future.

Paula Maes and Beth Everitt are best friends. Maes would also like to look forward and forget the past.

And the victims of the latest administrative corruption and incompetence are relegated to the status of "disgruntled former employees"; who if they cause too much trouble, fall victim to the onerous weight of APS/Modrall and litigation unrestricted by accountability to any meaningful standard of conduct; even the law.

That is why they will not submit to an audit of their conduct and competence as public servants.

That is why they are hiding the truth about the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS (police department).

That is why they will not submit to honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct; by a transparent system over which they have no control, and even against their will.

That's not how they roll;

...they are corrupt.

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