Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Albuquerque Journal continues the betrayal of stakeholder trust.

There is an election less than three months away. City voters will vote to appropriate another 138 million dollars to APS. They will also elect three of the seven people who will spend that money. In 12 column inches of a report on that election, the Journal’s coverage of the board member election rated not one word.

Why is the board member election a secret? It is a secret because any discussion around candidates will reveal that the Journal, and the Tribune, are covering up an ethics scandal. They have covered it up through two elections, and apparently they intend to cover it up through a third.

If this all sounds incredible, consider that reporters will witness first hand, at tonight’s board meeting, the board’s ninth refusal to be held accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct. And for the ninth time, their refusal will not be reported.

To excuse the Journal and Tribune of what appears to be a betrayal of the trust and interests of voters, all one has to do is imagine an ethical justification for their failure to report that the board is honestly accountable to no standard at all, not even the law.

No ethical justification exists. If you think that one does, post it. Let's see what scrutiny that justification can bear.

Footnote; The Journal's Thursday morning coverage of the board meeting did not, in fact, include coverage of the Leadership's ninth refusal to be held honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct.

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