Thursday, April 08, 2010

Political machines running amuck

Terrell has an interesting report this morning, link, on the Democratic Party's efforts to screw fellow Democrats who are challenging sitting Democrats; in this case, a gentleman challenging party boss and Speaker of the House Ben Lujan.

In fairness, the Republican Party of New Mexico is equally willing to screw candidates who oppose their chosen ones. link.

Political parties are not supposed to involve themselves in the outcome of primary elections. They are not supposed to help any particular candidate in their effort to win the primary; only the general election.

But, as we know, if you are among the powerful and privileged, the rules don't apply.

Terrel interviewed Democratic Party spokesman James Hallinan and reports that he said;

“The software belongs to the (Democratic National Committee) and the state party has the right to decide who we give it to.”
Hallinan, who, until quite recently, worked for Lt Gov Diane Denish, has a history doing what he has "a right to do" instead of doing what is "right to do", link.

The bottom line; stakeholders should support candidates of their choice, and not the state party machines. The priorities of the machines are not the priorities of stakeholders. In fact, they may run contrary to the priorities and best interests of party rank and file; in both parties.

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