Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Colón scandal, day three.

Conventional wisdom is that a news cycle lasts no more than three days. Today is day three in the saga over alleged push polling by Lt Gov Candidate Brian Colón.

Colón is alleged to have conducted a push poll during which it was suggested that Candidate Joe Campos was involved in a DWI crash that killed a number of people.

Campos' actual involvement was apparently limited to owning a liquor establishment that refused to sell liquor to the actual perpetrator.

If all of this is true,
run for Lt Governor
should be over.

Is this really the kind of man
Democrats would support?

Those who are still supporting
Colón and his refusal to simply
end the controversy by submitting
the script of the poll he conducted
to critical review, argue that the
need for his campaign to keep the script secret, outweighs the need to clear his name.

The only way that makes sense, is if surrendering the record would not in fact, clear his name; if the record shows he actually did conduct an unethical push poll.

In any case, the story is dead after today because apparently, no matter what you do in this state, if you can hide from actual accountability for three days, you get off scot free.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Will you call on all the candidates to release all of their internal campaign information? Including your precious last-place candidate Arnold-Jones?

ched macquigg said...

Sure, right after you tell me what each has been accused of doing. Or were you expecting me to do a warrant-less search just for drill?

There is a credible allegation that Brian Colon is responsible for an unethical act. He needs to defend himself from the allegation.

If any of the other candidates are accused of ethical misconduct, you can be assured that I will ask to see the truth, even from the best candidate by far, Rep Janice Arnold-Jones

Jerry said...

precious? Nice editorial comment 'anonymous'. I'm seeing more and more of this (juvenal baiting and cateorgizing ...) but surprised that a Ched Reader is that incapable of forming other cogent ideas ...

Anonymous said...

This is another anonymous person -

This scandal only seems to exist here. Beyond the non-issue of this supposed push-poll, Democrats statewide have chosen Brian to join Lt. Gov Diane Denish on the ticket. See the pre-primary convention results, fundraising totals, and - come June 1 - primary results.

This poll won't come out because that's not how campaigns work. Until credible evidence is produced beyond this blog, the 'scandal' will remain mere conjecture.

ched macquigg said...

I didn't create the scandal, not is it my conjecture. It is the result of a credible complaint made by Jerry Ortiz y Pino.

It may be a non-issue to you because you place less importance apparently on accountability to a higher standard of conduct. Not everyone shares your opinion.

Your suggestion that hiding the truth about credible allegations of misconduct, is "how campaigns work" is probably right on the money, and exactly why our government is riddled with corruption and incompetence.