Thursday, April 01, 2010

Last hired, first fired

When the subject of layoffs in APS was first broached, callers on a radio talk show said, this is great, let's get rid of all of the "worst" teachers.

After a while, someone argued that the teachers unions would never allow it. The argument is tangentially correct. The unions have negotiated contracts that cover RIFs (reductions in force). Those contract stipulations rarely, if ever, include "competency" in the decision making process.

The same holds true in all government positions. If there are layoffs in city, county, or state government, it will not be the deadwood which is removed, but rather, the new wood.

It is wrong on so many levels that it is nearly impossible to justify the practice. Yet, here we are.

It bears noting; if Winston Brooks, Richard Berry, and Bill Richardson were doing their jobs, there would be no deadwood, and the point would be moot.

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