Thursday, April 08, 2010

APS holding RGHS parent meeting during work day.

APS is holding a meeting for Rio Grande High School parents, link. They are calling the meeting; the Rio Grande Parent Meeting to Review Parent Involvement Plan.

The meeting will begin at 4pm while the overwhelming majority of parents are still at work. Parents who really hustle, and who have nothing else to do after work and before feeding their families, may just make it in time to watch the meeting end at 6pm.

More "open government" a la APS.

Speaking of APS "open government" the board meeting last night, during which the board signed on to Supt Winston Brooks budget plans (including teacher layoffs), was not streamed onto the internet, according to their promise, because of "technical difficulties".

I can't help but notice that the more contentious the circumstances, the more likely it is that APS will have "technical difficulties" in getting the meeting broadcast to stakeholders.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, and he didn't meet with the RGHS parents when the Linda Torres controversy came about.
He has a great deal of contempt and disrespect for RGHS and its feeder, EPMS.
NM FOG is a mask for NAsty Good Old Boys that celebrate their NAzi tactics among a rich breed of professionals in ABQ. They should be picketed!