Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The AFSCME endorsement, what does it mean?

The Political Action Committee of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, link, unanimously endorsed Rep Janice Arnold-Jones, link.

Now people are asking what it "means". The handful of people that wrote the endorsement are the only people who know what they "meant". All of the rest of us will have to take them on their honor when they "wrote" about their intention.

They wrote in recognition of her ability to solidify support for issues of good government.

They said she was "on the same page" with state, county and municipal employees, in the commitment to end public corruption through increased transparency and real protection for whistle blowers.

They wrote about a shared belief in transparency in the spending of our power and resources.

They expressed specifically, their concern about candidates' ethics.

The fundamental ethic is transparency.

If there is a Champion for transparency in Santa Fe,
it is Janice Arnold-Jones.

They examined her closely
and found her exemplary
among Republican Candidates.

They assured state, county, and
municipal employees
that they
would get a "fair shake" from
Governor Janice Arnold-Jones

photo Mark Bralley

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