Sunday, April 18, 2010

The battle will be carried by the tea baggers and the socialists, if that's alright by everybody.

The political discourse remains at a level where terms like "tea bagger" and "socialist" are being used define the depth and width of the argument. It is counterproductive; it has to stop.

This is a once in years opportunity to regain control over power and resources that are fundamentally our own.

We cannot accomplish that goal if the discourse cannot be raised.

Voters need to understand the issues and their part in the solution. We have to offer them more than an opportunity to hate the other Party.

The arguments can be made civilly and argued in terms that are independent of political orientation. We need an open and honest public discussion of important issues, or we will not be able to identify and elect those who's first interest is the public interest.

Transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence, for example, is a concept that is neither conservative nor liberal.

There is no legitimate agenda that does not move forward on the day that government is honestly and transparently accountable to the people.

All we the people have to do is to take back control over the process.

It will not be given back by executive order; it will not be legislated back, and it will not be ordered back by the court. If we ever again regain control over our power and resources, it will be because we take it back.

The power is ours and the resources are ours. We have a right
to ask legitimate questions about how they are being spent.
And, we have a reasonable expectation that those questions
be answered candidly, forthrightly, honestly and
rather immediately.

We don't have to let this election go to the highest bidder.

Ask tough questions;
insist on candid, forthright and honest answers.

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