Friday, April 09, 2010

Denish candidacy legit?

If you want to run for office, you need the blessing of the party powerful. It is the same in both parties. The Republicans do it, link. I define anyone to point to anything in the Democratic Party that would prevent the same thing from being done there as well.

I have heard from sources I consider reliable, that considerable pressure was put on anyone who wanted to be Governor, to abandon that dream until at least after Lt Gov Diane Denish has enjoyed the eight years of Governorship she is due.

Denish can be seen here, right behind Richardson and "seeing nothing"as he accepts what appears to be an envelope the size and shape of a big check. Who knows, this could have been the time and place that someone became the Executive Director of some division that doesn't do anything, but needs a Director, none the less.

And that's where she has been for eight years.

She never said a word; she never rocked boat, and
now it's her turn at the wheel. Everyone else can get in line.

Granted, there are those who would vote for Bernie Madoff, link, if he were a D and running in New Mexico. And they will vote for Diane Denish, just because she's the D.

But not all Democrats think that way. Who knows how many
would not support Denish, if they had been given
any other choice at all?

Is her candidacy legitimate?

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because a Republican blogger who is in the tank for a GOP candidate has Democratic sources.

Are the sources the voices in your head?

ched macquigg said...

Thank you for the ad hominem attack and the vindication it implies.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous".... are you going to be a sniveling, stupid moron your whole life [rhetorical questions]?
Just because you disagree with someone doesn't make them automatically wrong.
Grow up, become a man and use the brain nature gave you instead of child-like nonsensical attacks? (It really makes you look the fool).

Anonymous said...

Denish is playing it smart...selfish, but smart.
She doesn't speak much, she doesn't try to impress, she doesn't come out into public. She knows she's "the heir apparent", so she's not going to do anything but hideout until it's time to take her crown of governship.
I am an independent voter that usually voteds Democratic. I was a big fan of Richardson (..."was"!).
However, we created this country partially to not be ruled by king-queen ascension (heir apparent).
The Democrats should put Denish and all democrat wannabes on the table, have a primary, and let the Democrat NM citizens decide...then there is no question.
Will you do it NM Democrats? will you put your money where your mouth is?

Anonymous said...

Janice Arnold-Jones supporters are getting desperate, I see.

ched macquigg said...

So desperate as to what, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Actually knuckle-head "anonymous", you are right for once. I have almost always voted Democratic, and I am registered as a Democrat.
I find Denish to be spineless and just "going with the flow".
Thus, in desperation, I looked to a candidate that puts his/her self in front of the people and found Arnold-Jones to be such a person.
Thus, you are right.... Arnolds-Jones is picking up the desperate Democratic votes.
I know you didn't mean to make an intelligent statement, but like a fart, it just kind of slipped out, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Democrats are betting their money on the wrong pony. The Dems are just hoping that the popular Republican candidates will split the Republican vote enough for Denish to slide through.
It's a rotten, corrupt game and the people of NM are the losers when the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

Your stock answer to all who disagree with you - "Thank you for the ad hominem attack and he vindication it implies" - is really dimwitted and nonsensical. It means nothing. You think that you are intelligent and insightful, but your blog is really just a representation of how closed minded and incompetent you are. You could never be a leader. You simply don't have the ability. You are destined to be an embittered follower who criticizes the very system you wish you could lord over. In the end, you would surely be more autocratic and immoral that those you attack. But, no worry. You'll never be a leader. Enjoy that resentment!

ched macquigg said...

My "stock answer" has nothing to do with people disagreeing with me. It has to do with them attacking the messenger instead of the message.

Consider this post, I point to the fact that pressure was put on good candidates by the party powerful, to drop out of the race and clear the path for the chosen one.

You obviously don't like that, but cannot rebut the argument so you attack me instead. You would like nothing more than you prove me wrong but you can't, so you are left with nothing but your anonymous attack on me.

Thank you for your ad hominem attack and the validation it provides for my message, which you obviously cannot dispute or you would.

ched macquigg said...

The previous anonymous attack was written, I believe, by Wayne Knight. He is an APS administrator against whom I filed an number of legitimate complaints of incompetence and corruption.

The former Supreme Court Chief Justice who conducted the arbitration over my discharge, which I won, wrote that he and Assistant Principal Mike McNamara, "lacked credibility in the face of contradictory testimony from any other witness". Basically, that they both are liars.

Now he has nothing better to do but harass me during work hours from his APS computer, and now from his home computer as well.

Anonymous said...

I know Ched as a real person. HE is insightful, he is balanced, he is fair minded. So he is partial to Republican views? He has a right as an American to choose his preferences, just as you do.
Your attacks on him do demonstrate an ignorance born out of desperation for knowledge and/or insight you son't possess, and the heart and courage which, for some reason, you never seemed to find.
Ched is my friend, and a good conversationalist. Hoever, I don;t agree with him on everything. As a reasonable person, I assume he could be right and I'm wrong, or I can assume he might have more knowledge than me to base his critiques on.
As a reasonable human being, I rarely snap at someone and call them "flat out wrong". as an American, I would hope you can give other's opinions respect as you want respect.
If you are an educator, then you are in the wrong job! Kids don't need a dictator, another judge of their character and another human being to harangue them. They need clear-thinking proper American ideals...which include respecting other people!

ched macquigg said...

Thank you friend, for your support. It is much appreciated.