Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Push poll nastiness; still nothing from Colón.

I was not part of the poll in question, I have no first hand evidence. Nevertheless, the following bears noting.

On the backside of the post on Democracy for New Mexico,about the allegations of push polling on the part of Lt Gov candidate Brian Colón there are currently 52 comments, link, two of them read in significant part;

"The push poll I got DID ask me if I would still support Joe (Campos) if I knew he was part of a DWI accident that killed a whole family."
"I inquired into some of the nastiest allegations in the "non-push" poll. The extent of Joe Campos' involvement in a deadly DWI accident is that his establishment REFUSED to sell liquor to a patron who eventually bought package liquor elsewhere and drove head on into traffic. If this isn't distortion of the truth and dirty politics, I don't know what is. Shame on you Colon!"
If Brian Colón is responsible for "suggesting" that Joe Campos had a hand in the DWI deaths of an entire family, when in fact the truth is, his part consisted of refusing to sell liquor to the perpetrator, then Colón has indeed done something reprehensible; reprehensible enough to end his further consideration for a position of trust in government.

Which begs the question; what justification could there possibly be to continue to hide the script, that would outweigh the benefits of surrendering it and clearing his name?

I cannot imagine what they might be.

It is not completely unreasonable to conclude that he has done
something for which he does not want to be held accountable
and, that is the real reason he won't surrender the script.

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