Thursday, August 27, 2015

You can't get fingerprinted if your fingers aren't here

In an odd development,
former APS Deputy Supt.
Jason Martinez claims his
fingers have been in Colorado
the whole time; he never
violated the terms of his
release on bail.

The whole time we've been paying his salary, he wasn't even here.

OK, that works for a defense of allegations that he left Colorado illegally, but not so well for the district and stake and interest holders.

APS is pretty sure his key card was used a few times, but apparently can't prove who used it.  It has been suggested that Martinez is just the kind of guy who would have someone swipe his card for him.

But who?

Update; APS School Board Member Steven Michael Quezada on this subject has tweeted;

The man is a habitual liar. Don't believe anything that man or his lawyer says
Further update; KOB TV is running videos of Martinez in town and even speaking at a school board meeting 3 weeks ago.

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