Thursday, August 20, 2015

If anyone knows how we can retain teachers please let me know!; Muller-Aragón

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During the board member comments section of the board meeting last night, link*, APS School Board Member Peggy Muller-Aragón wondered aloud;
If anyone knows how we can retain teachers please let me know! or words to that effect

*You can, if you would like, follow the link and work your way through their unnecessarily cumbersome stream, to 1:12 or so into the meeting and hear it verbatim.  The precise wording is immaterial.

The point is; the school board would like to know if anyone has any good ideas how we can retain teachers.

How about asking teachers?

The teachers in the APS, have between them nearly 100,000 years of teaching experience.  And, no seat at the table where decisions are made.  So how about asking them?  Survey every last one of them, and find out what they have to say based on their education, experience and expertise.

Not once have teachers been surveyed by the district.
Not once have they had the opportunity to register their complaints over a number of issues like student discipline and chronically disruptive students.

How about surveying those who work in schools to find out what it is that you can do, to make their lives easier, more efficient and more effective?

Stop ignoring their input.

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