Friday, August 21, 2015

Truth to come out Sunday - in secret

Note; I mistakenly posted that the meeting was to be on Monday; it is not.  It will be held Sunday, August 23.

About two dozen people will find out Sunday evening, exactly what has happened since Luis Valentino took over the helm of the APS.

They will meet in secret, link.
They will not record the meeting.
Nobody, not even a judge with probable cause,
will be able to find out what those people hear.

Though they own the power that has been abused,
though they used to own the tax dollars the board
and their supt. have and continue to squander,
stake and interest holders haven't the "privilege"
to know who did what, and under whose nose.

Consider for a moment, the concept of government
of the people, by the people, and for the people
and compare and contrast it the way the APS school board
has done, does and will do business.

It's disturbing; is it not?

They will decide in secret, what secrets they will keep.

Board members have three jobs; one of them is to hire and supervise their superintendent.

Stake and interest holders (voters) have one job; make sure the representatives they elect to the board, do all three. Their job is to make sure school board members hire good superintendents and require them to perform.

Valentino was selected and hired in meetings in secret!
Stake and interest holders have no idea what questions
their representatives had the courage to ask, or not;
which principles they defended which the did not.

They’re getting ready to do the whole thing again,
in another meeting in secret.

How can school board members be held accountable by voters at election for their hiring and performance of the superintendent, if everything they do is done in secret?

One of the worst things a politician or public servant can do,
is anything they do in unnecessary, unjustifiable secret
from the people they serve.

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