Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kudos to Quezada, but ...

Actor, comedian and School Board Member Steven Michael Quezada became last night, the only school board member to speak out on the ongoing brouhaha over Supt. Luis Valentino's inadvertent public revelation of APS' dark side.

The other six board members are in such solid accord that;

nobody sez nothin' to nobody
that the appearance is of impropriety; a rolling quorum in the least, maybe even an outright confab in secret somewhere or in a conference call.

Although Quezada wants to talk about the elephant in room, he doesn't want to talk about it's "privates", meaning;
he, the board, and their eloquence of lawyers
will be the ones who decide what parts of the elephant
stake and interest holders will be allowed to see.
I reminded him, link; there is no private in public service.

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