Friday, August 28, 2015

Duran comes under fire for Valentino's poor judgment

APS School Board President Donald Duran has been asked to recuse himself from the decision whether to fire the guy who gave his daughter a great job, link.

The "legalities" have been met.  The statutes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures prohibiting nepotism in hiring and, creating the appearances of impropriety and conflicts of interest were twisted far enough to make it all "legal".

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Nevertheless, now Duran finds himself feeling some heat over a problem APS Supt. Luis Valentino created when he hired the school board president's daughter, Dr. Gabriella Blakey.

What the hell, the school board president's daughter was so much better than every other candidate that Valentino had no other choice?

He should have known better.

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Were we in need of another example of Luis Valentino's poor judgement, add hiring the school board president's daughter under any circumstances at all.

photo Mark Bralley

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