Saturday, August 29, 2015

APS School Board Code of Ethics "... avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof..."

Though, by their own frank admission,
it is utterly unenforceable, the APS
Board of Education has a Code of Ethics, link.

The seventh of them reads in significant part;

"Avoid conflicts of interest 
or the appearance thereof ..."
Whether he is "legally"guilty of "nepotism" is yet to resolve.  If it is disputed, the resolve will take years and cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate.

With an eloquence of lawyers at his disposal, access to unlimited operational dollars, and the opportunity to spend them without (real) oversight, whatever the outcome, it will include the board president "admitting no guilt", ever, no matter what.

Whether Duran is guilty of nepotism, that he and APS Supt Luis Valentino and Duran's daughter Gabriela Blakey have created the appearance of conflicts of interest and of impropriety is self-evident.

Were it not, we wouldn't be talking about it.

The school board's code of ethics is  
by their own frank admission and abundantly obviously
utterly unenforceable.

Why wouldn't the senior-most role model in the entire APS ignore his own code of ethics - there is no consequence.

photo Mark Bralley

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