Monday, August 17, 2015

Don Moya's leave costs taxpayers nearly $1K a day - with no benefit to students or the district

Because APS Supt Luis Valentino sent his Chief Financial Officer home on paid leave, taxpayers are on the hook for the nearly a $1K a day he earns.

Years ago, when APS Deputy Supt Michael Vigil was put on paid leave for his aggravated drunk driving arrest, the community and board were so upset over the fact that so much money was being wasted, they decided that in future, any suspended administrators would still continue to do useful work for the district.

Apparently, they've gotten over that upset.

To date; taxpayers have been offered no explanation or justification for the waste.  It appears that the school board is just trying to sit on the lid until people forget what's going on.

Therefore, the APS School Board is;

  1. manifestly incompetent; unable to get it's act together, or
  2. .
  3. manifestly corrupt; unwilling to get its act together.
Neither is acceptable.

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