Tuesday, August 25, 2015

KRQE censors comment

KRQE is running a story, link.  Within the story, which included a quote from KRQE's lawyer Marty Esquivel, a quote from school board member Barbara Peterson.

“The board members that stayed in and had conversation last night are really looking for the best interests of the districts.”
I reminded her in my comment, that the APS school board has a code of ethical conduct, link.  The first of them reads;
Make the education and well-being of STUDENTS the basis for all decision making. (emphasis added)
I pointed out that it is fortunate for the board that their code of ethics is, by their own free admission, utterly unenforceable.

KRQE found it all, too offensive to print.

I find their corruption and cowardice, too offensive to believe.

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