Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What if "Hanna" had gotten Valentino's text?

What if, instead of sending his text to the guy he was "going after"; APS Supt. Luis Valentino had managed to get it to its intended recipient NM Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera?

What if his question had made it to the Secretary?

Got any bright ideas on how to fire a guy whose biggest problem seems to be his expressed opposition to standardized testing run amok?
Part of the training students in the APS are supposed to receive as part of a concerted, deliberate effort to help them develop their character, was this admonition;
If someone asks you to do something wrong,
you should wonder why they think you would say yes.
Has Hanna Skandera asked herself why
the Supt. of the APS thinks
she would help him screw someone out of their job?
APS' highly paid Executive Director
of Communications and spin-master
Monica Armenta says these kinds of
conversations go on all the time.

Worse than the possibility that
Armenta might be prevaricating
again, is the frightening prospect
that she might be telling the truth;
that superintendents are calling
the Secretary of Education all the
time looking for advice on how to
get rid of people without due process.

It would be nice if the Secretary would take a moment to disabuse interest and stakeholders of that misconception.

If it is indeed, a misconception.

photos Mark Bralley

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